Stone Tiles in Richmond Hill: The Material’s Place in the Modern World

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From Age to Age

While Richmond Hill stone tiles may seem old-fashioned, or even backwards, the reality is that both marble and granite have a history going as far back as the Stone Age. At the time stone was chosen due to how plentiful and easy to work with it was, much harder than wood and better for making tools.
Moving forward into the Bronze and then the Iron Age stone found less and less use in making tools and weapons. Metals that were both more pliable and tough took its place as technology moved forward in leaps and bounds, yet it was never forgotten how our ancestors first huddled in caves for safety. Stone still had a place as a reliable building material, and would continue to for years to come.

A Monumental Material

Various ancient civilizations in the world have constructed immense structures dedicated to their greatness, from the granite temples in India to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, made of limestone and covered in marble. These monuments include buildings such as the Colosseum in Rome, created to ensure that those who made them would never be forgotten. They continue to exist to this day.  
Marble sculpture was the chosen medium for many Renaissance artists, which kept the stone in the public eye for many years. Stone tiles can trace their lineage even further back to the Greeks and Romans, who used cubes of both marble and limestone to create beautiful mosaics. These were then arranged to form detailed scenes from their myths or intricate designs that spread across their floors.
With stone taking such a prominent place in these ancient times many believe that it would fall out of use, similar to how it was replaced as a building material by cement in the Roman Empire or brick in the Ming Dynasty. The truth is that its utility has not been lost through age.

Finding Stone’s Place in the Present

There’s no reason not to find stone furnishings in a downtown Toronto apartment building or a Markham suburb nowadays. Not only can stone be easily accessible and affordable in this day and age, there are also benefits to using it.
A marble or granite floor may seem extravagant or unnecessary, but its strength means that it can endure a large amount of traffic for many years. In addition to that it is very easy to maintain and keep clean. There may be a lot of symbolism when it comes to using stone, as a callback to an older time, but there are a number of reasons it continues to be used today.
In a kitchen or bathroom marble countertops are made of a material soft enough to be easily worked into whatever shape you want, yet durable enough to handle a lot of use. Furthermore, its heat resistance makes it great for use where a lot of cooking takes place. The truth is that just because stone was used in the past does not mean that it has no place in the present.